Making Lumpwood Charcoal in Ireland

Here at The Irish Artisan Charcoal Company we had one wish: to be able to cook on our barbeques with charcoal sourced and made in Ireland. Not that much of a challenge I hear you say – except that every ounce of lump wood charcoal sold in Ireland last year was imported. So, after a chance encounter over a pint and a slow cooked shoulder of pork, we hatched a plan: to reclaim the Irish charcoal business.

Who are we?
We are three stay at home Dads, a part-time farmer, an environmental engineer and a chef. There are degrees and qualifications, life experiences, a love of barbequing and a heap of children between us.

Our Timber
We use a blend of ash, beech, birch, oak, holly, blackthorn and sycamore among others. We’ve looked at individual species batches, but prefer the consistency of a blend. All our timber is locally sourced from sustainably managed woodlands, close to our setup, in County Limerick.

To Use
There are NO chemicals in our charcoal and you don’t need any chemicals or firelighters to light it.
When we produce our charcoal we remove all the moisture from the timber, making it easier to light – a scrunched up piece of paper will do just nicely.

We are not trying to take over the world, and this won’t make us millionaires. We just want to make a really great Irish product.

Happy Barbequing!
The Irish Artisan Charcoal Company